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My name is Veronica “Roni” Grueber, and I am the owner and designer of Ironic Designs. I am a Graphic Designer specializing in logo design, business branding, and print. I have always been artistic and creative, but it wasn’t until after I graduated with my degree in Visual Communications that I figured out how to best express that creativity through the form of graphic design. I am excited to have a job at which I get to demonstrate my talents by making beautiful, minimal logos, and creative brands that stand out among the rest.


The designs of Ironic Designs are a true reflection of my personal style: unique and simple. I strive to create designs that are modern, edgy, and fun, yet convey sophistication and professionalism. I do my best to avoid “trendy” designs that will soon be outdated, because a brand should be timeless. I expect that you’ll find the designs of Ironic Designs to be refreshingly different, just like me!


Like my designs, my personal life is wonderfully simple. I am a 34 year old native Nebraskan. I grew up on a ranch in North Central Nebraska near Springview. I am currently living on a ranch in the panhandle at Bayard with my husband (Karl), son (Fox), our dog (Lolo), several barn cats, the cows, and horses.

If you were to walk into my office today you’d most likely hear music by Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons, or Hank III blaring through my speakers while I sip on my many coffees of the day, and you’d know I’m really in a creative groove by my casual jeans, sitting cross legged in my chair, and a definite lack of make-up, because I'm to busy making pretty things to make myself pretty!

My husband, Karl, is my biggest fan, and is continuously pushing me to get to the next level. I yearn to learn, read, and experiment with new software, projects, and designs. I am never completely content with where I am as a designer. I crave to know more, and will never quit striving to be the best. Every day I learn something new, which betters my work, and who I am as a designer.


It is my goal to create innovative designs that stand out and to make your vision become a reality. Let’s make it happen together by making your brand and business come to life!

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